Courseworks and Teaching


I wrote some lecture notes on my own for my undergraduate mathematics course study. Some notes are posted below.

  • MAT2002: Ordinary Differential Equation (Fall 2017, Instructor: Prof. Sang Hu)

  • MAT2006: Elementary Real Analysis (Fall 2018, Instructor: Prof. Weiming Ni)

  • MAT2040: Linear Algebra (Summer 2017, Instructor: Prof. Zhiquan Luo and Prof. Ruoyu Sun)

  • MAT3040: Advanced Linear Algebra (Spring 2019, Instructor: Prof. Daniel Wong)

  • MAT3006: Real Analysis (Spring 2019, Instructor: Prof. Daniel Wong)

  • MAT4002: Introduction to Geometry and Topology (Spring 2019, Instructor: Prof. Daniel Wong)

  • CIE6128: Understanding Deep Learning: A Theoretical Perspective from Optimization (Summer 2019, Instructor: Prof. Ruoyu Sun and Prof. Mingyi Hong)

At Gatech

Past Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant for Engineering Optimization (ISYE 3133)
    Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 (Online)

  • Teaching Assistant for Design and Analysis of Experiments (ISYE 6413)
    Fall 2021 (Median Score of Overall Evaluation: 4.7 out of 5.0)

Upcoming: I will be the instructor of ISYE 3770 - Statistics& Applications in Spring 2024. I prepare lecture slides by myself. Some materials are posted below.